Giving Graduating Artists a Head Start


Kahn Awards honor a musician, stage designer, and painter

Graduates often face a dreaded catch-22: you can’t get a job without experience, but you can’t get experience until you get a job. Classical music performance graduates sometimes confront a slightly different version of the dilemma.

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More forged paintings


The murky issue of art fraud, recently brought to the fore by a high-profile case involving the National Gallery Singapore, has perennially plagued the art industry here and looks set to worsen amid steady growth in demand for works by big-name artists, say art collectors and experts.

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The Geometric Origins of Modern Painting in Peru


LIMA, Peru — Geometric abstraction is one of those art movements that, depending on the viewer, either resonates deeply or bores one to tears. I have always found it moving, so I was pleasantly surprised, while visiting Peru, to stumble on an exhibition at the Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI) called The Other Edge: Geometric Painting in Peru (1947–1958).

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Jellybean Row painting in Australia sets new Guinness World Record


A group of Australian children set a new world record over the weekend, after painting an iconic Newfoundland scene — the Jellybean Row houses in St. John’s.

This weekend a group called Jellybeanstreet hosted a paint by numbers event, bringing in children to paint parts of the rowhouse scene.

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Artist transforms abandoned buildings in Hawaii by painting beautiful murals of women emerging from the waves


For most people, they are abandoned buildings left as eyesores as they fall apart in shallow waters.

But for one man, they are an opportunity to create spectacular works of art, showing women emerging from the waves.

Hawaii-born Sean Yoro – known by his artist name Hula – transforms the dilapidated constructions by balancing on a paddle board to paint the enormous faces and figures, often with tribal markings on their bodies.

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Painting Recovered From Gurlitt Trove to Be Auctioned in London


A Max Liebermann oil painting that vanished for decades in the secret art hoard of Cornelius Gurlitt will get its first public viewing in June in advance of an auction for the work, which once belonged to a Jewish industrialist.

The painting, “Two Riders on the Beach,” is one of the first two works from the clandestine collection that were returned earlier this month to the families of the original owners. Sotheby’s in London is offering the 1901 painting for sale on June 24 and estimates that it could fetch as much as $850,000.

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Review: 40 Years of Sylvester Stallone’s Paintings in France


Hollywood screen legend Sylvester Stallone has opened a retrospective of his paintings at the Galerie Contemporaine du Musée de Nice. Titled “Real Love: Paintings 1975-2015,” the exhibition spans four decades of the film star’s painting practice from his earliest figurative works to his most recent large abstract canvases. Although Stallone is best known for his iconic roles in films such as Rocky and Rambo, as the title of his Nice retrospective suggests, it is fair to say that his first and “real” love is painting. Since childhood he has identified his true calling as a visual artist and has even stated that if he had a choice, he would spend his life painting and sculpting instead of starring in action movies.

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